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Non-Medicare Plan Participation

The IAFF Health & Wellness Trust offers ongoing coverage post-employment to participants and their dependents who meet Plan eligibility requirements. If your group does not offer coverage through IAFF HWT to actives, you are not eligible for Non-Medicare Plans through IAFF HWT.

Participants can refer to the IAFF HWT Summary Plan Description for a full list of eligibility criteria, but in brief, members must meet the following in order to be eligible for Non-Medicare Retiree coverage through IAFF HWT:

  • Must have separated from an eligible Trust Participating Group that is currently covered by a Group medical plan
  • Be under age 65 and not be eligible for Medicare
  • Enroll within 30 days after separating service from Trust Participating Group


  • Have at least 20 service credit years in a State Public Retirement System, or;
  • If less than 20 service credit years, participant is at least 45 years of age, and is vested in a State Public Retirement System, or;
  • Have separated earlier than the above ages due to an injury in the line of duty such that the individual can no longer return to work in “covered employment.” The Trust will defer to the definition of “covered employment” used by the State Public Retirement System in which he or she participates, or;
  • Administrative staff, not otherwise eligible for a pension, who are separating from Participating Group, who have worked for at least 5 consecutive years and who are at least 60 years of age.

Upon termination of coverage eligible participants will receive a packet of information from the Trust Office with the options available. Typically, these options are sent close to the termination of active coverage and may include COBRA and Non-Medicare retiree plan options. The Non-Medicare retiree plan options are elected at the group level. If multiple plans are offered, all available plans and rates for each of the options will be listed: including options for vision and dental coverage (if offered). The option to continue coverage through IAFF HWT is voluntary.