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Dental Options

The IAFF Health & Wellness Trust offers standalone dental plans through two different networks: Delta Dental of Washington and Willamette Dental Group. Additional options may be available. Dental must be elected by the Participating Local in order for it be to made available to participating members.

Delta Dental of Washington

Delta Dental of Washington offers comprehensive dental coverage through its PPO plan. Although you may access dental services from any licensed dentist, your out-of-pocket expenses will always be lower when you see a Delta Dental PPO dentist. Dentists who participate in the Delta Dental network as either a PPO or Premier dentist agree to accept discounted, negotiated fees. 

If you use a non-participating dentist, your charges will be based on the maximum allowable fee for your area, as determined by Delta Dental. This may result in a difference between the maximum allowable fee and the dentist’s billed charge that you would be responsible for paying.

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Willamette Dental Group

Groups located in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho have the option of offering Willamette Dental Group as a primary or secondary dental option. Willamette Dental Group employs their own dental providers, owns their own offices and provides their own insurance products so members have an easy way to navigate care and insurance coverage. Willamette Dental Group blends preventive dental care with broad insurance coverage, making it affordable, with no annual maximums or plan deductibles.

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