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Transcarent (Concierge Medicine)

Easy Access to Great Care

IAFF Health & Wellness Trust offers an extensive suite of benefits through Transcarent, empowering members to take control of your healthcare via curated care that covers everything from a cold to surgery and more. Access your care the same way you’d text a friend, book a ride, or stream a movie – with Transcarent’s powerful and intuitive platform backed by personal Health Guides. 

Transcarent benefits are available to all IAFF HWT members, including spouses and dependents, enrolled in a Trust medical plan. Access all of the below benefits in one convenient place through the Transcarent app or by calling (888) 994-2177.

Everyday Care

What is Everyday Care?

Its trusted guidance and easy access to on-the-go care, whenever and wherever you need it. Services are available 24/7 on the Transcarent app or by calling (888) 994-2177.

  • Access your own personal Health Guide
  • Chat with a doctor day or night in 60 seconds
  • Use an AI-powered symptom checker to determine the most appropriate care
  • Locate in-network, quality providers

Health Guides

When it comes to your health, sometimes you just want to talk to a person – the same person so you don’t have to tell your story multiple times.

Transcarent Health Guides are here to help you by phone, or to chat (log in required). Your Health Guide is available 24/7 to help you find quality providers, aid in acquiring second opinions, get you started with virtual physical therapy or surgery, and assist you with wellness goals like smoking cessation or weight loss. They are a central point of contact to help you navigate anything related to your Transcarent health benefits, giving you the support you need to prioritize taking care of you and your family.


Transcarent makes connecting with a doctor as easy as texting a friend. Skip the wait and talk to a doctor when it works for you – in under 60 seconds. No pre-registration or appointment needed. Transcarent Telehealth is an additional option on top of the MDLive telehealth services. Best of all, your virtual visit is covered in full* regardless of which service you utilize.

*If you are enrolled in a high deductible health plan with a qualifying health savings account, deductible may apply on Transcarent care services after the 2024 plan year.

Symptom Checker

Check your symptoms virtually. Answer questions in the app to conveniently get pre-diagnosis, triage, and guidance to the appropriate medical services.

Expert Medical Opinion

Make medical decisions with confidence and ensure you receive high-quality care. Transcarent can connect you with a team of expert doctors and nurses to help you understand medical conditions, learn about available treatment options and get a virtual second opinion.

Provider Finder

Find a high-quality provider that suits your health and care needs. Access to data on doctors including quality insights, efficiency of care delivery, and performance scores.

Virtual Physical Therapy

What is Virtual Physical Therapy?

Virtual Physical Therapy is an alternative to in-person physical therapy for back, joint, and muscle pain. A licensed physical therapist will design a custom program for you following a virtual meeting. You will then be sent a kit with a tablet and motion sensors to track your exercises. Members can connect with their physical therapist as their needs change. Best of all, you have access to virtual physical therapy in the comfort of your home as no cost to you and no doctor referral needed.

Surgery Care

When you need surgery, Transarent can help you get the best care for your procedure.

What is Surgery Care?

With Surgery Care, you have access to the country’s best surgeons in the best facilities who specialize in treating your specific condition. High-quality care saves everyone money in the long run through fewer complications and readmissions, so the IAFF Health & Wellness Trust can cover your surgery expense at no cost to you*. You even get a Care Coordinator who will support you throughout the entire process (and take care of all the logistics too).

*Members enrolled in a high deductible health plan with a qualifying health savings account will pay $0 after meeting their deductible.

How do I schedule surgery?

Contact a Care Coordinator in the Surgery Benefits section of the Transcarent app. Your dedicated Care Coordinator will help you understand your surgery benefits, identify providers specific to your procedure, take care of paperwork, and even schedule travel if necessary (that’s covered, too).

Will I have to travel for surgery through Transcarent?

Travel is currently required to access the highest quality of care. The IAFF Health & Wellness Trust picks up the tab for you and a companion, and your surgery costs are covered at 100%* with no deductible or coinsurance when you choose a Transcarent provider.

*Members enrolled in a high deductible health plan with a qualifying health savings account will pay $0 after meeting their deductible.

What surgeries are covered?

Covered surgeries include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac – Coronary artery bypass graft, valve repair and replacements
  • General – Gall bladder removal, hernia repair
  • Orthopedic – ACL repair, hip and knee replacement, shoulder repair and replacement
  • Spine – Spinal fusion, artificial disc replacement
  • Women’s Health – Hysterectomy
  • Cancer

Excluded Procedures: emergency, pediatric (under age 13), cosmetic, dental, diagnostic, vision and transplant surgeries. 

Transcarent Surgery Care Flyer

Oncology Care

What is my Oncology Care Benefit?

If you or a loved one are dealing with cancer, Transcarent provides customized support and guidance for your personal journey. Transcarent ensures you receive top-quality medical services and care delivery from your initial diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Here is just some of what’s included:

  • Access to top-quality cancer care from across the country
  • A trusted oncology nurse and Health Guide on your side at all times
  • Review of your case by a national expert to recommend a treatment plan to your local oncologist

Can I request a second opinion on a diagnosis?

Yes. You have access to expert medical guidance through an extensive physician-led review of medical records and treatment plans. You have resources to help you make the most informed decision about your care.

Is Oncology Care just for me? Or can I use it for a loved one?

The cancer support resources are available for you and for your loved ones. There’s an extensive resources library and expert medical opinions to help you navigate the care journey. Chat with your Health Guide to learn more about this benefit.

Transcarent Oncology Care Flyer (Preventative)

Transcarent Oncology Care Flyer (Diagnosed)

Transcarent Oncology Care Flyer (Caregiver)