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Medicare Plan Options

Trust Medicare Plans

As an eligible Medicare-entitled retiree, you have the option to enroll in one of the Trust’s Medicare
Advantage Plans (MAPD) offered through Humana, or a standalone Medicare Supplement plan. The MAPD plans include Part D prescription drug coverage, while the standalone Medicare Supplement plans would require you to find your own Part D plan.

2024 IAFF HWT Medicare Advantage (MAPD) – MEDICAL

2024 IAFF HWT Medicare Advantage (MAPD) – PRESCRIPTION DRUGS

*All IAFF HWT Humana prescription drug plans include an expanded formulary + bonus/non-Part D drug list
Must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B to enroll in any Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan

2024 IAFF HWT Medicare Advantage (MAPD) – OTHER BENEFITS

2024 Medicare Supplement Plans (NO PART D PRESCRIPTION DRUG COVERAGE)

2024 Medicare Supplement Plans – OTHER BENEFITS