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For Employers

Billing and Eligibility

Interested in access to SIMON? Contact the Trust Office by email or call (206) 859-2678.

If your organization already has an enrollment platform that you would like to continue utilizing, file sharing arrangements may also be available for a nominal fee.

Initial Enrollment Process

The Trust Consultant will work closely with you and the Local during this process to help educate members on what to expect during the transition to the Trust plans.

Please contact the Trust Consultant at DiMartino Associates for more information about the initial enrollment process or call (206) 623-2430.

Annual Renewals

The IAFF Health & Wellness Trust generally renews every year in January, though we can accommodate groups that desire uncommon renewal arrangements on an off-calendar year basis. 

The Trust Consultant, works closely with the Trust Office to produce Open Enrollment materials and renewal documentation. Expect to receive notification of the Trust renewal at least 60 days prior to your renewal date. 

Please contact the Trust Consultant for more information about the renewal process or call (206) 623-2430.